No Hidden Fees or Charges

We have no hidden fees or charges.

Here is the list of our terms and conditions and applicable charges:

* We do not charge a non refundable booking fee

* We do not charge for cancellation of the castle

* We will notify you at the time of booking if you will incur a delivery surcharge (for those outside our free delivery zone)                         


* In the event the jumping castle is not ready for pick up at the appointed time / end of the hire time a $50.00 transport fee will be applied

* A standard clean down of the jumping castle is normal but if there is a situation where we need to clean food or silly string chewing gum or lollies from the castle a $50.00 fee will be applied.

* If the jumping castle is not returned or is stolen the lessee is responsible for the full replacement cost of the unit

* If we are unable to pick up the unit due to no access, a pick up fee and extended hire charge for overnight will be charged

* If any damage comes to the unit that is not standard 

* Wear and tear - you will be responsible to pay the full amount of cost to repair the damaged unit and if the unit cannot be  repaired you will be responsible to pay the replacement cost of this unit.

        * We do not charge extra for concrete weight if setting up on solid ground such as gravel, concrete, floor boards.